Austin Bombings: Domestic Terrorist Mark Anthony Conditt Reportedly Blew Himself Up

Mark Anthony Conditt, the suspect in the series of Austin bombings, reportedly blew himself up inside his car following a confrontation with police early Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials said they traced the 23-year-old white male to a hotel in an Austin suburb. After a short confrontation with authorities, Conditt denoted a device and died at the scene, Austin Police chief Brian Manley said.

“We believe that this individual is responsible for all incidents that have taken place in Austin, starting on March 2nd and those that have occurred since then as well,” Manley said.

Police said they haven’t identified a motive, and they would be investigating whether any accomplices aided the suspect. Since March 2 Austin has been on edge after four separate explosions killed two people and injured multiple others. A fifth explosion occurred on Tuesday shortly after midnight when a package believed to be bound for Austin exploded at a FedEx facility northeast of San Antonio. Authorities intercepted a sixth package containing an explosive device at a different FedEx facility in Austin.

According to the FBI, the two packages at the FedEx facilities were linked to the four Austin explosions.