Black-Owned Construction Companies Get $350 Million Dollar Contract To Manage Obama Center

In a triumphant case that didn’t make national headlines, several black-owned construction firms earned their fair share of a nine-figure pie, which was dolled out to manage the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, Illinois.

A group of five construction companies, which are mostly black-owned was recently retained to manage the Obama Presidential Center in the major American city of Chicago, Illinois.

This arrangement was finalized following a four-month period where Lakeside Alliance executives gave interviews and investigated the companies’ track records for hiring employees and their previous donations to charity. The executives at Lakeside Alliance wanted to know if the construction firms practiced diversity in their workplaces.

According to a number of media sources, the contract, which was awarded to these five construction firms is believed to be worth around $350 million dollars. In a sense, this move by the Lakeside Alliance shows that the foundation is dedicated to equality and beautifying the facade of Chicago’s South Side.