Bronx mom awarded $57 million in NYCHA lead lawsuit

THE BRONX —A Bronx mom was awarded $57 million after a jury found the New York City Housing Authority responsible for elevated levels of lead in her daughter’s blood.

Tiesha Jones’ daughter, then 4-years-old, registered a level of 45 micrograms per deciliter of lead in her blood in 2010 – that’s nine times the acceptable level. They lived inside the Fort Independence House in the Bronx at the time.

Lead in children is believed to cause developmental delays. Dakota Taylor, now 12, is in special education classes.

Jones’ win came after an investigation found NYCHA failed to conduct lead paint safety inspections for four years beginning in 2013 and then lied about it.

“I want the Mayor to fire the Commissioner,” Jones said about NYCHA head Shola Olatoye. “She should step down. And I want the Mayor to invest more money in housing.”

Jones’ Lawyer, Thomas Giuffra, agreed that NYCHA needs sweeping changes.

A jury took just one hour to reach the verdict siding with Jones.