David Banner Says Integration Was the Worst Thing To Happen To Black People, Even Worse Than Slavery

Wait a minute before you go in on David Banner for saying integration is worse than slavery…hear the brotha out.

Ok…so here’s the deal. Banner sat down with Sister Circle TV on Martin Luther kIng Jr. day and explained his views on integration

Ok, we think we can all agree that slavery was a horrific act that Black people should not have had to experience. Period. Nothing competes with the level of inhumane and ill treatment of being someone’s property yet, Banner does give us food for thought.

Is integration all it’s cracked up to be? According to Banner, “Black people gave up ownership…It was never about integration it was about desegregation.” He dropped a bomb with that one y’all. He continues to make his point by saying, “We spent so much time trying to integrate that we forgot who we were.”

If you’re a real student of MLK, we know you’re quoting this MLK quote right now: “I fear I am integrating my people into a burning house.” Banner’s perspective here somewhat echos what MLK feared decades ago.

Whether you agree with Banner or not, this is a good conversation to have. What y’all think? Is integration worse than slavery? Weigh in…

source: news.thegedsection.com