Donors launch $2.5 million push to elect Georgia’s first African-American governor

WASHINGTON — An influential Democratic donor is launching a $2.5 million effort to help elect veteran Georgia legislator Stacey Abrams as the state’s first African-American governor — and to lay the groundwork for what Democrats hope will be more victories in the Deep South.

Susan Sandler, a San Francisco-based philanthropist, is spending $1 million of her own money and has rounded up commitments for another $1 million. In a strategy memo shared with USA TODAY, she called on some other 100 Democratic donors to chip in to boost Abrams.
The spending is the first phase of a larger campaign by some of the country’s most prominent liberal donors to help Abrams, a Yale-educated lawyer and former romance novelist, become the nation’s first black female governor.

The early money is aimed at increasing black turnout for the May 22 primary and boosting the name recognition of Abrams, who shares the first name of her primary opponent, Stacey Evans.

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