Dr. Umar Johnson Supporters Create Online Petition

“Dr. Umar Johnson, published author and certified school Psychologist, is a young leader in the black community within the United States who has worked tirelessly over the past several years to educate black parents on how they may advocate and protect their children, particularly black boys, against ADHD/Special Education misdiagnosis while attending public schools. Recently, the state of Pennsylvania where Dr. Johnson’s certification is currently in force, has called a hearing in January 2018 to evaluate whether or not his certification should be revoked. We in the black community who applaud and support Dr. Johnson’s efforts in raising awareness on behalf of black children and their parents request that the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology accept this petition as evidence of the countless families that Dr. Umar has helped over the years as consideration in maintaining his certification.”

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Dr Umar Johnson Responds To Petition:

Important: thank you to all who are sending letters, making calls, generating emails, circling petitions, and planning to show support in Harrisburg(PA) on January 8th@9am for Dr.Umar Johnson as he is brought before the State Board of Psychology. To clarify, some changes need to be made to the existing documents circling the internet. The PA State Board of Psychology intends to strip Dr.Umar of his PA School Psychologist Certification which he has held for 17 years and PREVENT him from obtaining his state Psychologist License. Dr.Umar has not yet applied for a PA Psychologist license and they want to ban him from ever receiving one. However, as Dr.Umar specializes in Children/Special Education/Learning Disabilities/school-based behavioral health keeping his School Psychologist Certification is far more important to him than earning his license. Please modify your letters & petitions accordingly. On behalf of Team-Pan Afrikan & Dr.Umar we thank you!

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 (Dr. Umar To Stand Trial)

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