After one potential customer inquired about the race of the owners behind ‘AB to Jay-Z‘ so she could know who she’s supporting, the response she received was less than satisfying. Once the brand caught wind that the exchange was circulating via social media, they quickly made attempts to “pretty up” their statements. But it was too late.

To make matters worse, photos are circulating from a party in 2008 of the owner Danny Chiha and his associates wearing blackface.


via Danny Chiha Facebook Before He Deactivated His account:


CLICK THE LINK!! Guess Who Made The ‘Hip-Hop’ Children’s Book, A B to Jay-Z via Twitter  


Other People Have Since Taken To Social Media To Speak Out Against The Creators :

If you are my friends or family on Social media. PLEASE do not SHARE that Mockery of #HIPHOP called AB to JaY-Z with me….

Posted by ZsaZsa Simone on Tuesday, July 4, 2017




The Promo Video For The Book via YouTube:



The company has also received donations via Kickstarter