Fans Calling For Michaela Coel To Do A Nina Simone Biopic

Michaela Coel has had a helluva year. It was announced that her hit Netflix series Chewing Gum is returning for a third season (after some confusion), she has starred in Star Wars and Black Mirror, and she is slated as the lead in a musical feature length. We are convinced of her acting chops, and the latter will hopefully display a singing ability that will meet a very huge call for her to fit into some very huge shoes.

Noting the striking resemblance between the two, fans have been petitioning the actress to star in a Nina Simone biopic, making up for the embarrassment that was the controversial film starring Zoe Saldana:

The resemblance is pretty striking, isn’t it? There are the eyes, they prominent cheekbones, and the beautifully full lips. Assuming her musical ability, we think she could pull it off!