Killer Mike shows solidarity with Dr. Umar Johnson in upcoming trial

Dr Umar Johnson needs the community to stand up for him at this moment. His license has been put into duress and he is being threatened with being stripped of the titles and cred he worked for in and outta the class room. I ask all who care to take a moment and say a word on his behalf as he needs us as much as we have needed his word of encouragement. I cannot and will not allow a black learned man who worked became a Dr to be lynched publicly becuz he won’t “act right”. If we stay silent while they come for him and others who will raise a voice when they come to get us. @drumarjohnson I hope pray our people fight for u in this moment. I am. Love and Respect. ❤️🖤💚 #CommentOff #InfoOnly #DoTheRightThing ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏼✊🏽

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