NewsOne BLASTED After Posting Hit-Piece On Tariq Nasheed & Dr. Umar Johnson

The old black media: NewsOne’s desperate attempt for clicks, landed them in hot water.

News Ones’ Facebook Post:

So "woke," right? They even insulted Missy Elliot and Gabourey Sidibe. Can we leave these two in 2017?

Posted by NewsOne on Sunday, December 31, 2017

News One Twitter:


One commentator sounded off:

“It’s funny how NewsOne has never talked about the “Hidden Colors” series which was very successful and beneficial to our history. Yet you post some shea butter hit piece op-ed that you’re eager to promote. You should be airing “Hidden Colors” instead of “Good Times” every hour on the hour. I love “Good Times” too but damn…you’re no better NewsOne by fanning the flames. Also, leave behind that insane, man hating agent provocateur, wannabe white feminist, Amber Phillips OFF your network too! She is evil and nothing but toxic to the black community. We actually need to leave YOU behind in 2k18.🙄”


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