Oklahoma Cop Who Shot And Killed Terence Crutcher Quietly Returns To Work

The Tulsa Oklahoma police officer who was acquitted in the case of Terence Crutcher is back at work as a patrol officer, The Frontier reported on Monday.

Betty Shelby, 43, quietly returned to work at the Rogers County Sheriff’s Officer a few months ago. She ended up at Rogers County after her departure from the Tulsa Police Department last fall.

Shelby was found not guilty after shooting 40-year-old Crutcher, who was compliant and later found to be unarmed. She testified that she believed Crutcher was reaching through the window of his SUV to grab a weapon. She even went on 60 minutes to blame the father of four for his death saying she “did everything to stop this.”

Following the trial, a juror revealed that despite the acquittal all the jurors agreed that Shelby “should never be a patrol officer again.”

“There was a range of belief there,” the juror told The Frontier. “Some of us thought she would be good behind a desk. She sounded like an excellent diver. I thought she would have made a great EMT.”

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told the outlet that Shelby had become a full-time deputy and has had no issues on the job.

“She’s doing her job and doing a good one,” he said. “When she came on as a reserve deputy, we talked about when she was ready maybe returning to patrol. She had some commitments she wanted to fulfill first, but she hit that point a few months ago where she was ready.”

source: allblackmedia.com