The coat Cardi B wore in Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial was made by this Philly artist

The THESEPINKLIPS “Working Woman” coat is hand-painted by Philadelphia artist and designer Iris Barbee Bonner

Cardi B was the highlight of last weekend’s Super Bowl commercial bacchanal in which she took over for Amazon’s Alexa when the AI software lost her voice. In the commercial, Cardi mocks Alexa users for their dumb questions while decked out in a full young mogul ensemble, complete with coiffed locks, her standard meticulously crafted nails, and a killer white trenchcoat with the words “Working Woman” scrawled across in scarlet red.

The Working Woman coat — made by Philadelphia artist Iris Barbee Bonner of THESEPINKLIPS — is a true labor of love. Each coat is handpainted and retails for $600. See below for a close-up of the coat, and more looks from THESEPINKLIPS