Check This Out Family

So here we have a Engaged Couple from Bartlett TN, who was supposed to be getting married Next Month.. But This passed Weekend Darian Towns (black woman) went to a Pool house party with her White Friends and by the end of the night Darian Towns was found drown to death at the bottom of the pool and The House full of Caucasians knows NOTHINGGGG!! Nobody knows how the Black Woman in the back yard Drowned to death!! Nobody knows NOTHING!! Come On NOW (STR8 BS) THENNNNN…

News coming out saying that after they found her dead..Somebody Stole her car and it was just found in SouthHaven Ms.. And The Bartlett Police department are being Real Quiet about this case..They slick trying to rule her death as to her being too Drunk and she accidentally fell into the pool and etc etc..Just a whole Lotta BS and covering up is what is sound like!! They know in a few days everybody is gonna forget all about this story and move on..but NAWWWW THEM DAYS OVER WITH!!

I been on this story ever since I heard about it & just SOMETHING AINT RIGHT About this Death..They lying to much.. But Best believe imma do my investigation and we gonna know the real truth to what happen to our Queen!! IM NOT FORGETTING ABOUT IT!! We all Want the Truth!!! They not about to keep giving us these BS ass stories & expecting us to believe every word.. Because THEY SAY SO!! Nawww Ain’t doing it no more!!

**R.I.P Queen**

#DaTruthWillComeOut ✊✊✊✊

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Dararin Towns Comments Regarding  BLM: